The Next Step For The Corset

Corsets are a fashion relic. Previously used to consolidate organs, they were popularized in modern times as a staple lingerie item, a sexy top paired with bad decisions, and now a casual item. We’ve seen a surge in layering tees under corsets, sweaters, and even a little peak-a-boo action under a blouse.

The evolution is apparent, and next on the agenda is this:


Enter Zara. This ahead-of-the-curve fashion retailer just released a corset-dolman hybrid that combines soft materials, a slim laced-up waist, and an easy breezy top. An approachable take on the timeless trend invites less daring consumers and possibly a new silhouette entirely for casual attire. The ability to adjust tightness is pretty rad too, because morning bod bears no resemblance to post-lunch bod.

UPDATED: 2/19/2017

According to NYFW, the corset effect can also work its way from the bottom up. High waisted pants have been trending for some time now, and right when we thought they were destined to plummet, they shot right up to the waist. Designers like Rosie Assoulin and The Row introduced waist-defining trousers that redefine the corset as something to step into.




Color(s) Of The Year

We’re deep into 2017 and have therefore already accepted Pantone’s Color of the Year: Greenery. With so much Pinterest inspo we’re ready to turn our home into a scene from Jumanji. The yellow-green hue is an optimistic tone. Referred to as “nature’s neutral,” it screams vitality in a modern age where we’re desperate for a refresher. This zesty addition to neutrals and natural familiarity has made me a fan, yet I feel one hue can’t be all-encompassing for an entire year.

Naturally, I decided to take it upon myself to pick a few other hues that will represent the year of uncertainty.

Silver Lining 


This year welcomed the inevitable transition from minimalism to maximalism, and the most showstoppin’ of statements is  metallics. It’s the year of the spotlight, so why not shimmer?

90’s Red & Blue


Pantone introduced two tones for 2016 so naturally I must introduce my own duo. 2016 welcomed the 90’s alongside rampant athleisure. We’re thinking of brands like Tommy Hilfiger, whose nostalgia has permeated into 2017 through collections from Alexandre Vauthier, Raf Simons, and a revitalized FILA collection.

The Pink Party


This is the year of the most divine of creatures, the lady. While pink may denote fragile femininity, we’re taking the color back and giving it sharper edges. Peep into the latest Zara looks and Refinery29 for some fierce feminine inspiration.