Summer Shoes, Meet Fall

In this weird transition period known as August, we’re a bit directionless with our fashion seasonality. As we cling to summer, fall trends are in our peripherals begging to be adopted. This becomes even more perplexing when it comes to shoes. It’s time to start nailing down those investment boots, statement sneakers, or business flats, but we […]

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Corporate, Sporty, & Nude

With fashion churning out trends at hyper-speed, you’ll suffer from whiplash before you see nascent trends on sale at Nordstrom. Upon embracing the statement off-shoulder trend, its ubiquity at Forever21 made me feel like Ace Ventura in a room full of taxidermied animal heads. While hiding under my covers from a sea of exposed shoulders, […]

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Now Trending: Split Personalities

We often dress according to how we feel. It’s an understandable concept until you realize feelings are complex and outfits are not encompassing of our daily mood changes. Luckily, thanks to a few pioneering designers, this year’s latest designs have taken an ambiguous turn. Riding on the back of the “more is more” mantra is duo-dressing. […]

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The Next Step For The Corset

Corsets are a fashion relic. Previously used to consolidate organs, they were popularized in modern times as a staple lingerie item, a sexy top paired with bad decisions, and now a casual item. We’ve seen a surge in layering tees under corsets, sweaters, and even a little peak-a-boo action under a blouse. The evolution is […]

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Color(s) Of The Year

We’re deep into 2017 and have therefore already accepted Pantone’s Color of the Year: Greenery. With so much Pinterest inspo we’re ready to turn our home into a scene from Jumanji. The yellow-green hue is an optimistic tone. Referred to as “nature’s neutral,” it screams vitality in a modern age where we’re desperate for a refresher. […]

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Now Trending: Random Shit

When I was a wee fashionista I ironed patches onto my jeans. Nothing that took too much deliberation, it was basically a mess of all the things I felt a deep connection to: soccer balls, cupcakes, hotdogs, and the “oh snap” phrase. Essentially my pants were covered in emojis. I am ecstatic to announce that […]

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Shoulder Game

Shifting erogenous zones have been an essential part of fashion for some time now. Different decades welcomed different body parts as often as different presidents. The 20’s were all about leg, 30’s the back, and the 50’s the shoulders. While the rejection of modesty and women’s control over their own bodies were catalysts to these […]

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Minimal vs. Maximal

Similar to how seasons change and flowers bloom our sartorial tastes rotate magically to keep us on our toes. What if certain trends were as predictable as leaves falling or seasonal depression? What if the foundations of our styling preferences were on a cycle? I believe this is the case with minimalism and maxism. (Maxism […]

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